Is this event appropriate for young children?

Yes! This is a family friendly event and designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Can we take pictures or videos of Santa Claus?

Yes! When you arrive at Santa’s house, roll down your window and tell one of Santa’s Elves the names of the kids (Big Kids too) that would like a personalized Seasons Greetings from Santa Claus. We encourage you to video and take as many pictures as you wish. The driver of the vehicle must not use a phone to take pictures or video while driving. You cannot leave your vehicle to take a photo.

How long does it take to go through the light show?

Everyone travels through the light displays and meet & greet with Santa at a different pace. The show is designed and programmed to last 10 minutes.

Can we take pictures or videos of the light displays?

Yes! Feel free to take as many pictures as you wish. The driver of any vehicle must not use a phone to take pictures or video while driving. You cannot leave your vehicle to take a photo.

Are there any vehicle restrictions?

Limo, buses, vans and pick-up trucks larger than a 150/ 1500 model are not permitted to participate. Additionally your vehicle must be under 7.5ft in height and must not be lowered.

Can I get a ticket at the entrance?

Tickets must be reserved online prior to your arrival. Tickets are not available at the gate.

Do you have a weather policy?

We will be open Rain, Snow or Shine!

Do I need to arrive at the start of my scheduled session?

Yes, please arrive during your scheduled time stated on your ticket so we can guarantee your admittance.

What is your exchange & return policy?

All ticket reservations are final and cannot be exchanged or returned. Tickets are valid for one use only.

Do you have restrooms?

NO restrooms will be available on-site

What should I do if my vehicle breaks down?

If your vehicle breaks down, please call 416-938-6606. Please remain in your vehicle and wait for assistance. Please ensure your vehicle has enough gas to wait in line and to travel the show route.

Is this event contactless?

Yes. There will be no touch points during this event. Visitors must remain in their vehicles at all times. For health & safety reasons, tickets will be scanned through your closed car window for a fully contactless experience.

What items are not permitted during the drive thru?

Absolutely no alcohol or smoking is permitted while visiting. All persons entering the event grounds, do so at their own risk. No liability for loss, injury or damage to any person, property or vehicle will be assumed by Bluffs Winter Wonderland, the City of Toronto, Metrolinx or the events affiliated partners, sponsors, staff or volunteers.

What is the speed limit?

The maximum speed allowed on the route is 5km/hr

Is there a radio station I can tune into?

Please tune into our dedicated station, 107.5 FM, when you arrive to hear all your holiday favourites.

How does the letters to Santa work?

Write a letter to Santa telling him how good you’ve been all year and what you would like for Christmas and be sure to include your name and return address in the letter. On the envelope make sure to include your return address once again in the top left corner and address the envelope to;

Santa Claus

North Pole

H0H 0H0


*Postage NOT required

Can people from multiple families travel together in a single vehicle?

We ask that only members of the same family travel in the same car

How do I get my ticket?

After you have registered online for your ticket, you will receive an email that contains your ticket. Tickets can be show on your phone or printed to be scanned through your closed car window at the entrance.

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